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We are basking in the glory of our SATs results this week.  Our Year 6 children surpassed their expectations and achieved the most glorious scores.  Well done to all our children for their preparation, revision and determination to succeed.  Special thanks must also of course go to Mr. Payne for his tireless dedication to our students. 

83% of pupils received a level 4+ in combined reading, writing and maths.  25% of pupils achieved a level 6 in maths.  83% of pupils achieved a level 5+ in reading.  50% of children made 3+ levels progress in KS2.

These results are phenomenal combined with the very good success we had at the 11+ tests and grammar school entrance exams. 

Our school is now achieving results that are in keeping the very high aspirations of not only myself but also the teaching team.  With continued endeavour, we know that this can continue onwards to next year’s academic challenges and ultimate success.

We are also incredibly pleased that our current projections for next year and beyond are even better.  We will achieve this through hard work, talented teaching, amazing children and an unapologetic approach to excellence.





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