Home School Agreement

Our Home School Agreement is a very important document, which we discuss and agree in each class at the start of the year with staff and pupils.  It sets out the agreed school rules.  Children and staff are expected to sign this, and refer to it through the year.  We ask that parents discuss this with their child and sign up to the school rules also.

Click here to view the Home School Agreement.

Our rules

  • We listen carefully…We don’t interrupt
  • We look after property…We don’t damage things
  • We work hard…We don’t waste our own or other people’s time
  • We are honest…We don’t cover up the truth
  • We are kind…We don’t hurt people’s feelings
  • We are gentle…We don’t hurt others

Rewarding children

  • Within each class a variety of age appropriate reward systems is used.
  • Achievements are recorded each week
  • Certificates are awarded in assembly for achievements
  • Significant achievements are celebrated and shared with the Executive Principal