Preparing your child to start school

If you are applying for your child to start in Nursery or Reception please remember that:

  • All children are different

  • All children have different abilities

  • All children learn when they are ready.

We want your child to be confident about coming to school and to be able to leave you happily. To achieve this it would be helpful if your child:

  • Can recognise his or her written name.  It is useful when he or she is hanging up his or her coat, finding clothes and identifying belongings

  • Can ask clearly to go to the toilet.  He or she can use the toilet independently including flushing the toilet and washing his or her hands afterwards

  • Can blow his or her own nose with a tissue or handkerchief

  • Knows that he or she will be expected to conform to a code of accepted behaviour – e.g. we share with others, we listen to the teacher and others, we co-operate with each other, we are kind to each other, we behave safely

  • Can dress and undress quickly and is able to fasten clothing using zips, Velcro, buckles

  • Can use glue and paint sensibly

  • Can use a knife and fork properly and drink sensibly from a cup.